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A collection of instructions for 3D-printing.

3D-printer license course powerpoint.

Lägg till en instruktionsartikel

Finding 3D models (.stl file)

To use the 3D printer you must first have something to print! There are numerous ways to acquire a 3D model that include finding one on a website, creating one in a CAD program or scanning one with a 3D scanner.

Cura Basics (.stl to .gcode)

Before a printer can start printing, it needs instructions about how to interpret the 3D model (.stl file) and what options to apply to the print. The instructions that the 3D-printer can use is called a G-code, and turning your 3D-model into a G-code involves "slicing" the model into thin layers. This is done in a program called a slicer. We recommend using Ultramaker Cura.

Cura Advanced (Page under construction)

Octoprint (.gcode to printer)

Changing Filament

Our 3D-printers Creality CR-10 and Creality Ender 3 are of the so-called FDM type, filament deposition method. These work by melting a wire (=filament) of plastic material. If you want to use a different color or different material than the person before you you'll have to change the filament.

Preparing the glass plate

If the adhesion to the built plate is bad in spite of a correct nozzle distance and temperature you need to clean/prepare the print surface.

Leveling the heated bed

The heated bed on the printers is suspended using 4 screws, each compressing a spring. To get the first layer to stick to the build plate properly, the vertical gap between the build plate and the nozzle needs to be correct over the whole build plate.

Common 3D-printing problems

There are some common problems.

Manuals/How to...

lost-and-found from the "old" Google Drive

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