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The heated bed on the printers is suspended using 4 screws, each compressing a spring. To get the first layer to stick to the build plate properly, the vertical gap between the build plate and the nozzle needs to be correct over the whole build plate.

To adjust the height of the build plate, the springs can be compressed by turning the knobs under each corner of the build plate. Instructions below.

Kontrollfunktionerna i OctoprrintOctoprint controls


  1. Warm up nozzle and heated bed to PLA working temperature; 210°C and 60°C respectively

  2. Using the control tab in Octoprint, raise the nozzle 10mm, then press the XY-home and then the Z-home buttons. Finish by pressing the Motors Off-button.

  3. Grab a piece of paper or post-it-note and insert between nozzle and heated bed. Careful not to burn yourself on the hot nozzle!!

  4. Using your hands, gently pull the heated bed toward you and push the printer head to the side so that the nozzle is above the nearest screw (under the heated bed).

  5. Push & pull the piece of paper back and forth. The paper should scratch and feel some resistance from the nozzle but still be quite easily moved. When doing this, hold onto the printer head gently. Do not hold onto the bed or the bed adjustment knobs.

  6. If you feel satisfied with the resistance of the nozzle, continue to step 7. If you feel too much or no resistance from the nozzle, adjust bed height up or down using the bed adjustment knob and go back to step 5.

  7. Move the nozzle to just above the next of the 4 screws suspending the build plate. The direction doesn't matter. Go back to step 5.
    When all 4 corners of the build plate are leveled, check the next corner again until no ajustments have been done for a whole lap (when you can go around and check all 4 corners and don't need to adjust up or down at all).
    When you are satisfied, continue to step 8.

  8. Using the control tab in Octoprint, raise the nozzle 10mm.

    You have now finished leveling the bed.

Quality check

When printing the first layer, have a look from the side and compare the printed layer to the following pictures:

(borrowed from from the internet)borrowed from

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