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If the adhesion to the built plate is bad in spite of a correct nozzle distance and temperature you need to clean/prepare the print surface.


We have installed glass plates on some of the 3D printers in Makerspace. The original black surface of the Ender-printers almost certainly guarantees a perfect adhesion of the first layer, but on the other hand the parts often adhere too well to the surface and are difficult to remove. Also wrong nozzle-heights have left indentation in the surface and old printed material in different colors can show up on newly printed parts.


A couple of year ago everybody would have used a tape to cover the print surface and promote adhesion. However these tape solution have come out of fashion by now and residue of the tape is very difficult to remove cleanly.

  • PLA can often be printed directly onto the glass bed
  • PETG can even stick too well to glass according to some sources ande may distroy the bed when removing the print
  • Through own experiments together with several sources on the internet I found that a thin, almost invisible layer of gluestick gives the most reproducible results. 
  • Many people use too thick layers of gluestick, which not only leaves ugly traces on the bottom surface of your print, but also leaves difficult to clean residue
  • The best current method I can devise uses a prepared mix of gluestick in water which you will find in small spray bottles in the Makerspace


Use the following procedure with either a warm or cold build plate, but be aware of that the warm build plate can be 60 °C or even 80 °C hot.

  1. if necessary clean the glass plate with a paper towel and water
  2. shake the spray bottle well
  3. spray some of the liquid onto the glass plate
  4. quickly wipe it all over the glass plate preferably with a lint-free cloth
  5. wait for the layer to dry before printing

The glass plate should always be clean and shiny, this image show a glass plate where cleaning is recommended.Shake the spray bottle and spray a small amount onto the glass plate.Wipe the whole glass plate, distributing the solution into a thin film with a lintfree cloth.

2018 recipe for the solution: cook up 1 cm of standard glue stick with 100 ml of water, let the solution cool down, add a tiny amount of washing-up liquid and about 50 ml of denaturated alcohol to improve shelf live and wetting ability.

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