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In Ångström Makerspace, there are some boxes you can use for storage of your projects. Bellow, there is information on how to reserve a box for yourself or a group.

A new system for reserving a box at the beginning of 2021!

We in Theam Makerspace think it's time to go digital! At the beginning of 2021, you need to fill out a form (found here) to reserve a project box in Makerspace. All boxes will also have a unique number on them, so when reserving a box for yourself or a groupsimply find an empty project-box and use its number when reserving it.

If you already have a box and want to keep it after 2021

Due to the new system, you need to reserve your box before 2021, otherwise, we will assume the project to be abandoned. To do so, do the following:

  • Put a “still in use” paper with a unique number in your box. (Make sure the paper can’t fall out!)
  • Fill in the form (found here)

If you cant get to Makerspace before 2021, fill in the form and email us describing what's in the box (an image would be nice!) For the question "Number on the box", please put it as zero.

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