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The sewing machine at Ångström makerspace is a Janome Idun 920. You can find information about this sewing machine here and find video-tutorials for here. You can also read our how-to-instructions below for this specific sewing machine. 


How to thread a sewing machine:

  1. Put the spool at the top of the machine 

  2. Pull the thread out and wrap it around the thread guide at the top of the sewing machine.
  3. Pull the thread down and follow the arrows at the sewing machine.
  4. Wrap the thread around the takeup lever and then back down to the needle.
  5. Put the thread behind the metal hook next to the needle.

  6. Thread the needle. There is also a needle-threader at the left to the needle that you can use as well.

  7. You did it, you're done with the upper half of the machine!

So the sewing machine can make stitches you also need a thread from underneath, this is called a bobbin thread.

How to thread the bobbin:

  1. Remove the under part to be able to open the box with the bobbin inside.

  2. Open the box and take out the metallic bobbin holder.

  3. Put in the bobbin in the holder and follow the arrows to thread it.

  4. Put it back in the sewing machine like this.

To be able to start using the sewing machine you need to "catch" the bobbin thread and get it exposed to the needle area.

Expose the bobbin thread:

  1. To expose the bobbin thread to the needle area you need to turn this wheel that you find on the right side of the sewing machine against you.

  2. Hold in the upper thread and you can then see that the needle will go down and then up. 

  3. You can see the bobbin thread getting exposed.

  4. Take up the bobbin thread, place it under the presser foot and place it away from you like this:

Presser foot:

The presser foot helps you to hold the fabric in place. 

  1. Presser foot up.

  2. Presser foot down.

How to fill a bobbin:

When the bobbin is empty you need to refill it with new thread. This is how you do it at this specific sewing machine.

  1. Pull out the wheel.

  2. Wrap your thread around the thread guide.

  3. Wrap the bobbin a little bit with the thread clockwise and place it at the pin. Press the bobbin towards the white thing to lock it.

  4. Gas!

Selecting stitches and settings:

  1. Tension. Here you can decide the tension of the thread. The standard tension can be different on different sewing machines but its usually around 3-4. For lighter fabrics its best to use 3 whereas heavier fabrics around 4-5.

  2. Stitches. Here you can decide what kind of stitches you want to use. Use the wheel under to change what kind of stitches you want.

  3. Length and width. General rules: For regular fabric using straight stitches around 2,5. Zigzag stitches around 1.5. Width around 4-5 fro regular fabrics. You can also experiment with different settings to see what works best for your fabric.

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