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Before a printer can start printing, it needs instructions about how to interpret the 3D model (.stl file) and what options to apply to the print. The instructions that the 3D-printer can use is called a G-code, and turning your 3D-model into a G-code involves "slicing" the model into thin layers. This is done in a program called a slicer. We recommend using Ultramaker Cura.

In Ångström Makerspace, we have Ultramaker Cura installed on the computers. If you want to use your own computer, the software is free to download here: Get Ultramaker Cura.

The instructions below are made for Ultramaker Cura 4.8.0. Earlier versions may have another graphical layout, but the steps are similar.

The bacics of Cura

This PDF includes: Add a printer, load model(s), camera control, manipulation of the model(s) in size and orientation, slice and save .gcode file.

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Adjusting print settlings

This document covers some of the useful print settings in Cura from the advanced settings view.

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Up to date descriptions of the print settings can be found here: Ultramaker Support - Print settings