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Our 3D-printers are controlled by Raspberry Pi minicomputers running the Octopi/Octoprint environment. This means that you can access the printer via a your favorite web browser. However, you need to be on one of our computers at Maker Space or other local computers at Ångström like those in computer rooms or offices.

Accessing from your own laptop connected to the university wifi will not work.


  1. after you have sliced slice your 3D model using Cura and created the create a .gcode files you need to get these file to be uploaded to the Raspberrycorrect Octoprint server
  2. open a web browser and go to the site corresponding to your printer:
  3. login into the system - the color bar at the top of the page corresponds to the color coding of our 3D-printers
    Username: creality
    Password: MakerSpace
  4. you can now see and access the full control interface for the printer:
  5. Drag-and-drop your .gcode file over the browser window and release it into the left half of it, "Upload locally"
  6. In the file area, click on your .gcode so that it turns up in the status area
  7. Click print! (And make sure the first layer is ok before leaving)


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