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To use the 3D printer you must first have something to print! There are numerous ways to acquire a 3D model that include finding one on a website, creating one in a CAD program or scanning one with a 3D scanner.

Supported file types include: .stl, .obj, .3MF.

Webpages - A huge library of 3d files and objects. Chanses are, if you thought of it it's already on this site. All files can be easily downloaded in .stl format. - Similar to Thingiverse. - a search engine specifically for finding 3d objects - Perfect for customizing your own mini for role playing games. It's currently in beta and a bit cumbersome to use, but fully usable!

CAD programs

OpenSCAD - Script based software, installed on the Makerspace computers. You can run the Windows executable also without installation. 

Tinkercad - Online CAD editor, easy to use and get started. This is also a website where you could find other peoples designs.

Autocad - More powerful than previous programs, but also more advanced.

Solidworks - powerful software that is normally licenced. A student licence can be obtained from the university for free by contacting the institution that teaches CAD courses. 

Fusion 360 - another popular 3D CAD program

Onshape - Online CAD program. Free to use, but you need an account. Similar to Solidworks and Fusion 360

Meshmixer - a tool to modify 3D models

3D Builder - Installed on the Makerspace computers. Easy to use.

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